Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making Life Awesome, One Portrait at a Time.

Recently Demanda and I have been talking about how we need to redecorate our condo. Sure it's cute and all but we want it to be awesome. Some parts of it are pretty sweet....

Like this wall

What's that you say? You wanna see a closer view? Ok!

Cute lil stuff.

My 2010 V-Day card from Demanda and some forbidden fruit.
(It's forbidden because it's plastic.)

Yes, that IS a picture of Mike Newton next to Swagga E.

 Our house is proof that if you send us stuff, it will get displayed somewhere. Which leads me back to my original point of this blog: Gifts.

We need to redecorate. Big time. One of my goals in life is to be an interior designer, we'll see if it ever happens. With enough time and money, I'm sure our house would look amazing. Demanda and I both randomly throw out ideas of things we want to change about our place but then we get distracted by sparkly men things and forget. Even hanging up a few more pictures would help.

First thing that came up when I googled "portraits".
I can think of worse things hanging in our house than this gorgeous face!

This got me thinking that although we have pictures up, we don't have enough pictures of ourselves. Because I think everyone needs a painting of themselves in their home, I searched high and low for an artist who would be able to bring the character of our looks, as well as our personalities to life. I did research on the internetz and came across someone who had the skills we were looking for. I reached out to her, complimenting her artistic style. When she presented me with the painting she created of me, I was blown away by how life-like it was. After she finished my painting, we agreed on a payment plan and she then demonstrated her awesome abilities by creating a painting of Demanda.  I admit, I was reluctant to display these on our blog because they are so pure, so raw, that I knew they would reach down into the viewers soul and bring up emotions they never knew existed. But I feel like the world NEEDS to see these pieces of art. Without further ado, I present to you our portraits by Texas Katherine.




Thank you TK for sharing your gift with us.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'd Like To Tell You This Is A Joke, But That Would Be A Lie.

Demanda: "We have no celebrities that live here. I mean Peter Facinelli lives super close and then we have Luke Skywalker close also but neither of them actually live here."

Jaymes: "Ummm.... Luke Skywalker?!"

Demanda: *hysterical laughter and an insane amount of blushing*

Now I need to interupt this convo to tell you who she meant.

Who Demanda mentioned

Luke Skywalker

Who Demanda meant

Paul Walker

Demanda: "I meant Paul Walker!!!!!"

Jaymes: "How in the HELL do you confuse those two?!?!"

Demanda: "I don't know! Hahahahahaha! Isn't Luke Skywalker from Star Trek?!"

Jaymes: "No, that's Star Wars!"

Demanda:  "Oh yeah! Sorry, they just keep talking about Star Trek on the radio"

Jaymes: "What? Why? What's Star Trek?!"

Demanda: "What?! 'What's Star Trek?!'? It's a movie. And a TV show!"

Jaymes: "No, I get that. I mean why are they talking about it on the radio?! Or do you mean Star Wars?"

Demanda: "I don't know. Wasn't Julia Roberts in Star Wars? As Princess Leia?"

Jaymes: "No, that was Dorothy Hamill."

Jaymes: "This conversation is an embarrassment."


For the record, we do know the difference between Star Trek, Star Wars, Julia Roberts, Dorothy Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Julia Roberts, Paul Walker and Luke Skywalker. Sometimes we just say things without thinking. Aren't you glad you know us?  

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Work Rant and Then Some

Ok so I wrote this yesterday but never posted it so we'll just pretend that today was yesterday. If that makes sense. Even if it doesn't. Just go with it.

Oooh today! Today was a day. The world got smaller, darker. I grew more afraid.

Not really, but I had to throw that in there. If you know what that's from (without googling it) you win a high five. If not, you win a high five to the face. LuvsMeSumEdward, this was for you.

Back to where I was going with that. Today was a day that mentally face punched me. I have to vent and since I was venting all over twitter/emails/IMs, I figured I might as well post it for ya'll to see.

Not sure if she's venting or just has really bad breath.

So a lot of you may not know this but I do not get paid to tweet and blog, even though it appears that way. I have an actual real life job that kicks my ass on a daily basis. I don't really have a job title because I do a bazillion different things for our three different locations. I have to deal with a lot of clients on an hourly basis. Some are high profile  (production companies and lawyers for VERY famous people) and others are just small little businesses. Regardless, they all mostly pay us a ton of money to do shit for them. We're like prostitutes but without the sexual stuff, nakedness or daddy issues.

Our client's are the big guy.

So everything was smooth sailing this morning. But then I got this sweet lil email from a client that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And by that, I mean it made me feel pissy and stabby. I had sent her an email earlier in the day apologizing that we were still working on her case and doing everything we could to resolve her problem.

 I've changed some of the wording to protect my company just in case this blog gets famous one day, my company sees it and I get my ass sued (no, I don't work for Summit). Let's say for arguement's sake that I work for H00r Outlet. And  that we sell h00rs.


I am so unimpressed with H00r Outlet . I want to do nothing more than scream at you and anyone else from your company.  Am I getting a new h00r or not?! I was told that one would be overnighted to arrive on Wednesday. It’s now Friday and there is no new h00r, no actual human phone call from H00r Outlet as promised, and all I have is this LAME apology e-mail from you with yet again no actual resolution to my ongoing h00r problems.

This “intermittent issue” has been going on since I got this h00r! You have had MONTHS to test and it apparently hasn’t been done.

I am ready to throw this h00r out the window and fireH00r Outlet  for total incompetence! And I KNOW that you are indeed NOT doing everything you can to get this h00r working for me, OR IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WORKING LONG AGO!!!


I was immediately pissed and hurt but then after talking to other people in my company, I learned that she always goes off on people like this and is bat shit a wee crazy. I spent a while calming myself down and resarching her "issue" (which apparently is the fact that she's a raging cunt dracula among other things) and realized that we'd gotten this complaint from her about 5 months prior and told her people how to fix it and that it wasn't OUR issue. It was theirs. In nicer words obviously but that's the gist of it. So I wrote her back nicely and explained that we would have our people call her on Monday and explain everything to her, that there were some misunderstandings about her getting a new "h00r" because that would not resolve the issue. She then wrote me back again. and again, I've changed some of the wording.

Jaymes, I don’t really understand how the h00r NOT LETTING ME DO IT is a network issue. That would certainly seem to be a hardware issue to me. That was reported on Tuesday, it is now late Friday and NO action has been taken on your part.

I WILL NOT BE TALKING TO ANYONE FROM H00RS OUTLET ON MONDAY. You people are a total waste of my time! You may call my IT guy directly and deal with him on Monday.

Because I'm awesome, I decided not to respond. But had I been able to write back the words I wanted to use, it would have been something along the lines of this:

Dear Bitchface-

Screw yourself. Who in the hell are you to talk to another human being this way? Especially one as awesome as myself, which you would know if you weren't such a dick. I'm sorry your h00r isn't living up to your expectations but I'm guessing nothing in your life is, due to the fact that the stick up your ass is clouding your opinion of everything else. You want to fire our company? Gladly. I would rather lick a homeless man's foot than deal with your bullshit for one more day. The fact that you are a youth leader makes me fear for our future generations. I hope they don't grow up to be as twaty as you. Do us all a favor and beat yourself over the head with your h00r until you pass out and save the people in your life from having to put up with another second of hearing you bitch and moan about every damn thing. You are the devil. Eat shit and die.


PS- Oh by the way, just a heads up...those porn magazine subscriptions that will be arriving at your office addressed to you? You're welcome.

*The idea for the porn magazine came to me from Myaftercar. Such a good idea!!