Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Magic Mike Week. Day 2: Our Magic Mike Trailer Reaction

What did we think of the Magic Mike Trailer? Watch and see.... or hear.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Magic Mike Week Day 1: Who is Channing Tatum?

Welcome! You've got mail. 

Demanda has a hard time distinguishing who Channing Tatum really is so we played a fun lil game. You'll see.

MUY IMPORTANTE: A super special prize to anyone who can figure out what Demanda says at 00:17 in to this video. We may or may not know the answer. Leave us your guesses in the comment along with your twitter name. We'll announce the winner later in the week and send you something awesome.

Demanda also apologizes as she had a bat in the cave half way through. If you don't know what that means, it means she had a boog.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gamers Gonna Game

Happy Saturdays lovelies! So today as I was sitting on my couch having breakfast and my morning coffee (at  11:30 a.m.) I looked around and saw something. Something good. Something I wanted to do that I hadn't done in a long time. Nobody was home. Could I do it? Did I even remember how? Did I have everything to pull it off? 

I wanted to play so badly but unfortunately I didn't have all of the equipment. I tried using cords from my dvd player but sadly nothing worked. Sure I tried pushing it to the back of my mind and dove into a good book but Mario kept taunting me... whispering "Jaaaaaymes, play me!" underneath his thick mustache. 

What a tease! 

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I got off my ass and decided that Walmart or Radio Shack HAD to have the adapter, because it was just a regular hook up. Apparently that was not the case. After going to Walmart and having an employee laugh at me and say, "Yeah, try looking on line," the brilliant idea came to me. 

I'm going to go where the gamers go. 

I know you're thinking "Jaymes, this is a comic book store... " and yeah, I know, I'm not blind. But the game store here is a comic book store. I called and they had what I needed. I was tempted to ask them if they had any advanced copies of The Avengers or cardboard cutouts of Tom Hiddleston as Loki (that's another post for another time) but I didn't. I went in, got what I needed, noticed I was the only girl in there and got out safely with what I needed. 

I was ready to play.

and I did. 

And still am. 
Sorry, had to pause writing to play another level. Anyway, Demanda and I decided we're going to have some tourneys around the house but she had to bust off to do the unknown for a bit again today so it was going to have to be postponed. When she left the house, I was on the couch playing a game. I managed to stop, make some dinner, do some cleaning and watch an old episode of Vampire Diaries but now she's back and I'm in the same spot I was when she left. I can't tell you the amount of stress we're under trying to play this damn game. We're yelling, we're kicking up our legs like we're fighting off crazy bees and truthfully it's getting out control. Someone come save us, please. My hands have turned to claws and I'm pretty sure I'll be dreaming of sewer pipes and turtles.

This blog post didn't really have a point, it's more just a cry for help. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Quiet Times

Oh hai loves. Demanda is out doing the unknown tonight so it's just lil ol me with nothing much to say. I was going to vlog but I'm currently sitting in my jammies with no makeup on. Yep, at 7:30 on a Friday night. You're jealous of my life, you don't need to tell me twice.

It's been a long, long week. Lot's of work, wine, fun, and stuff. Next week we have some awesome stuff planned for you. I don't want to give it away so I'll just post a lil sneak peak.

That's all.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oops, We Did It Again

Demanda promised we'd blog one minute every summer (whatever that means) so here's our vlog. Twice in one week?!?! It's like we're good at something for once.

We'll post outtakes from time to time because truth be told, we don't get it all in one take. But this one is a special occasion because it turns out we left out someone very importante in last night's post.

BTW, go here because it's bomb.com. http://www.jiffykate.blogspot.com/

Enjoy, laugh, cringe, comment.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Edward Cullen: A Vlog

Oh heeeeey. Long time no see, eh? Yeah, we get it. But today is a big day, right? Eddie C's bday. So in honor of this..and the fact we haven't blogged in like 95 years, we decided to go all out and vlog. That's right, get stoked. But before you watch us in all of our naked glory (or not) you're going to want to watch this video. Enjoy, and try not to laugh.

So here we go.... our reaction to her reaction and some other reactions of our reactions. Or something. We don't really know, all we know is there are fun times and a cat drive by. Hope you missed us but don't worry, we'll be back sooner than later. Promises.