Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Happy Birthday Song To Jackson

Today is where we don't explain anything, we just sing Happy Birthday to this man.

Dear Jackson-

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dear Jackson...

Happy Birthday to yooooou!

Happy 26th Jackson Rathbone! 


Borderline Phenomenal

PS- Here's some eye candy for our readers.

Monday, December 20, 2010

If You Didn't Know, Now You Do.

Happy Monday everyone! I know, there's no such thing.. but hopefully our blog will make your day a little brighter because here at Borderline Phenomenal, we aim to please.* In order to do that, we thought we'd give you a little glimpse into us. So maybe you'll feel a little better about yourselves and be thankful you're not that strange.

The other night Demanda and I were at home in our own rooms on twitter/facebook/watching Eclipse minding our own business when I decided to go into her room and ask her a question. I hobbled up our skinny staircase slowly as I have tumbled down those bitches many times and went into ask her a question. What I asked wasn't important but as we finished our convo, we both stopped talking as we came to the exact same realization.

All. The. Time.

I'm not talking gibberish as in "OMFG I'll totes BRB because PMSL." (if you don't know what that means, join twitter.. or get the internet.)

I'm talking gibberish as in our own language. To us, it makes complete sense. To everyone else, we probably sound like this guy.

Yeah I know. We're crazy...or are we?

When we were in high school Amanda's nephew was a little guy who had the cutest speech problem. His last name is Barrington and he would pronounce it "Booington." He once told his mom that he loved "Black Booty" when he meant to say Black Beauty. This kid was our vocabulary idol. The best part about it was that he thought he was speaking correctly. So when we would say words like he did, he would look at us like we were insane. Because we talked to him in his language so much, we haven't been able to stop.. we do it ALL the time. I don't even think we've ever had a convo without using one of these words or phrases..sometimes they even slip out at work.

So here's a little vocab lesson for ya'll. Just in case you ever are around us and we are speaking like in our language, you'll get it. It will be kind of like when people speak spanish. We can understand a few words here and there but mostly we just notice that spanish speaking people use the word "tambien" A LOT!

Booington Vocab Lesson:

A "dat". 

A "baby ditton".

"Sputney Buzz".

"Not tautin".

"Rying a weer" (this image is for you LuvsMeSumEdward!)

A "puntin".

"I'm a dood tid!"


There are a ton more but I think that it would take far too long to explain all the words/phrases and frankly we don't have that much time. Who am I kidding, we do have that much time but you probably don't wanna read it all. If you ever hear us talking like this, don't worry..we didn't fall and hit our heads and we're probably also not too drunk. It's just second nature to us now because we've been using this vocab for so long. We barely realize that we're doing it until people look at us like we're freaks. Then we just pretend...I don't know what we pretend actually, because there's no way to recover from it.

We know, we know.

*if you know what thise phrase is from, you win 100 Borderline Phenomenal Points**

** These points are just 'feel good' points. You don't win a prize or anything, just our love. Which is a prize in itself.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hump Day Special- Guess Who We Want To Hump?!

Happy Hump Day h00rs!!! As  most of you know, one of our all time FAVORITE movies (and books) came out on DVD this past weekend.


We were crapping ourselves excited and to celebrate that, we are going to give you a special hump day treat.  A poem about someone we want to hump the most in this world.

Humping Rob
By Demanda & Jaymes

We are Borderline Phenomenal
We want to hump Rob.

We would hump Rob here and there.
We would hump him anywhere.

We would hump Rob nice and slow.
We would hump Rob in a bow.

Aw. A present for us?!?

We would hump Rob saying "sccchhwwwing!".
We would hump Rob wearing bling.


We would hump Rob on a mat.
We would hump Rob in a hat.

We would hump Rob under stars.
We would hump Rob at the bars.


We would hump Rob dodging bullets.
We would hump Rob in a mullet.

get'er done!

We would hump Rob in a speedo.
We would hump Rob incognito.

Bet you're wishin we had a speedo pic. Toooo bad!

We would hump Rob in a car.
We would hump Rob as a rockstar.

Rock out with your...you know the rest.

We would hump Rob acting weird.
We would hump Rob in a beard.

Beanie Rob just for you Charla!!! :)

We would hump Rob night or day.
We would hump Rob all the way.

Hope your hump day is phenomenal!
- Jaymes and Demanda