Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Say it. Outloud. Say it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMANDA!

Dear Demanda, 

I know today is a very special day. It's Tuesday! the night 90210 is on!  the premiere of Jackson's new webseries! YOUR 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!! 

That's how happy I am! 

I know we've been friends for a long time. 'How long is a long time'? A while. Before we met you were a teeny tiny Manda baby.

I always wondered why our cat tries to grab our hands while we're holding spoons.
Now I know where she gets it! 

Although a lot has changed, some things have not. Like you still fall asleep after drinking a bottle, probably go to the bathroom the same amount, and drool sometimes. When we met, were were awesome Jr. High kids. How awesome? THIS AWESOME!

Jr High Manda

 I'd post a picture of myself from Jr. High but sadly there aren't any online... that I know of. Thankfully. I'm sure that will change when my 30th Birthday hits. Anyway, you were pretty much the exact same person when we were 12 that you are now. Fun, energetic, 5'3", etc. Now you're a little more mature and a whole lot better dressed. But still the same amazing friend.  I can't believe we celebrated our 13th Birthdays together and now we're celebrating 30. Yikes! Throughout our friendship, we've only been in 3 fights. One about Doritos, one about Barnes and Noble and one about car keys. All equally important. We've been through laughable roadtrips, even more laughable guy stories, moments that make us think that if we told anyone about it, they would NEVER believe us, laughter, love, heartbreak, silliness, moves all around Cali, and much much more. THAT is true friendship. I seriously couldn't ask for a better heterosexual life partner to have spend the last 18 years with. Holy shit, if our friendship was a person it would be a legal adult!

Thank you for being amazing. I hope your Birthday is all that you hoped for and more. And I hope that your 30's are even more of a spectacular adventure than your 20's were... although we both know that is VERY hard to beat.  I love you and am so unbelievably grateful to have you in my life. Now go rock your dirty thirties!!!



PS- A few other people wanted to wish you a Happy 30th Birthday too.

From Rikki:

"For your Birthday, I will loan you Bolton. And your present is on the way!" (that's saying a lot!!!! She must really love you.)

From Chloe Cougar:

Happy Birthday Hunni! Hope you have the most fantabulous day and that (almost all) your wishes come true. By that, I mean that you wouldn't want ALL of them to come true, all at the same time, cuz then you'd have nothing to look forward to. So yeah, have a good one, and tell us ALL about it when you've survived the hangover!

CC x

From Miss Tejota:

Lovely Demanda,

I wish you a wonderful and fantastic 30th birthday. I hope that your special day is filled with love, laughter, and many blessings. I want this year is an amazing one for you. 

Miss TeJota

From DangrDafne

Happy 30th Birthday Amanda!! I am so glad I was able to see you twice this year and I had soooo much fun in Napa with you (Chandon specifically, of course, LOL).
I hope you have a phenomenal day and you get to celebrate you and all your awesomeness.
I love you and I hope all your birthday wishes come true.
A toast to you!!

Love, Sharon/dangrdafne

From JennyKate:

From Kassie

From MyAfterCar

From Twikiwi50

Happy Birthday Miss Demanda! I hope your 30th is fun-filled and that the next decade is as good as the last. 30 was scary for me... until I got there. Then it was easy peasy... and from here, the numbers mean nothing! I know you said you didn't want this photo to ever see the light of day, but let's face it, it's too good to pass up. It was awesome meeting you in August and I can't wait to see you again in Hawaii, fingers and toes crossed. Until then, big squeezy cuddles, bewb nuzzles and arse gropes. Have a champagne cocktail for me sweetie. 

Future Girl

From Twi_Lin

From kiTT

From StarlitViolets:

Note from Jaymes: A nice lil vid of Twi-packages. Sad that I can spot the Rathbulges. 

*You'll blush...and pause at 3:31 in. 

From MandysMind:

From RottyMama:

Happy 30th Birthday Amanda! It was great meeting you and Jamie at Forks! Enjoy your day and watch out for Edwardo, I heard he has mexican jumping beans!


From TwiredJen:

From AllTwiedUp:

From Smitten:

From NorCalTwitard:

From Edward and Bella:

From Vampire Mike Newton:

From Our Favorite 'Bampire':

 There you have it. The votes are in. People love you!  Hope you have a phenomenal Birthday. Don't let there be ANYTHING borderline about it. See you for drinks tonight and you better have these on since they were in your Mustache Party Pack that I bought you.

I know this isn't you... but I don't have a picture of you wearing them yet.

                 Love you bunches...

..because, how could I not??