Friday, December 2, 2011

Sometimes I Fail At Things

Hello lovers!!! Long time no see, eh? I'd like to say things have been too busy around here to blog but we're just drunk lazy procrastinators.

or the next day....or the next.

Speaking of procrastination, today on twitter a lot of people have been tweeting #ficmemories- The greatest moments of fan fic stories. What does this have to do with procrastination? Well, I'm getting there...eventually. You see, dear friends, I love to read. Growing up, I would often read 1-2 books a day (I had friends, I swear!). To this day, I still love to read but between work, social life and all the tv shows I watch, reading books takes a back seat. And reading fan fic takes one as well. But as I was reading these tweets, I realized that I hadn't read about 90% of the stories. Had I heard of them? Yes. Do I owned them or have a link to where they are located? Probably. Had I read them? Nooope! But hear me out.....

Reasons I suck at reading fic

1. My phone battery dies practically twice a day.
2. When I sit in front of my computer to read, I get distracted.
3. I have the attention span of a ..... oh something shiny!!!!
4. That's all.

I plan on having an E-reader before 2012 to make all of these excuses null. But here's where I need your help. I want to know everyone's top 5 fics. That way I know which ones I should read ASAP and which can sit on the shelf for a bit. To make it a little easier, I've created a teeny list of the fics I've already read. But most were so good that I would love to read again.

Fics I've read

I almost fail this bad at reading. Minus the fake rack.

1. Osa Bella
2. MotU I
3. MotU II
4. The Best Man
5. The Blessing and the Curse
6. EP
7. Maybe (currently STILL reading)

So please leave a comment with your top 5 fics..or 3....or 1. I'll put a list together and decide which to read first. Ready..... go!

Hope everyone has a fantastical weekend!