Friday, December 2, 2011

Sometimes I Fail At Things

Hello lovers!!! Long time no see, eh? I'd like to say things have been too busy around here to blog but we're just drunk lazy procrastinators.

or the next day....or the next.

Speaking of procrastination, today on twitter a lot of people have been tweeting #ficmemories- The greatest moments of fan fic stories. What does this have to do with procrastination? Well, I'm getting there...eventually. You see, dear friends, I love to read. Growing up, I would often read 1-2 books a day (I had friends, I swear!). To this day, I still love to read but between work, social life and all the tv shows I watch, reading books takes a back seat. And reading fan fic takes one as well. But as I was reading these tweets, I realized that I hadn't read about 90% of the stories. Had I heard of them? Yes. Do I owned them or have a link to where they are located? Probably. Had I read them? Nooope! But hear me out.....

Reasons I suck at reading fic

1. My phone battery dies practically twice a day.
2. When I sit in front of my computer to read, I get distracted.
3. I have the attention span of a ..... oh something shiny!!!!
4. That's all.

I plan on having an E-reader before 2012 to make all of these excuses null. But here's where I need your help. I want to know everyone's top 5 fics. That way I know which ones I should read ASAP and which can sit on the shelf for a bit. To make it a little easier, I've created a teeny list of the fics I've already read. But most were so good that I would love to read again.

Fics I've read

I almost fail this bad at reading. Minus the fake rack.

1. Osa Bella
2. MotU I
3. MotU II
4. The Best Man
5. The Blessing and the Curse
6. EP
7. Maybe (currently STILL reading)

So please leave a comment with your top 5 fics..or 3....or 1. I'll put a list together and decide which to read first. Ready..... go!

Hope everyone has a fantastical weekend!


Anonymous said...

Dayum, I've only read half of your list.

Must read fanfiction:
Wide Awake
Clipped Wings & Inked Armour
The Office
The List
The Naked Guy Upstairs

TNGUS is my go to fic when I need a laugh. The Office & The List are also somewhat light hearted.

Anonymous said...

I've read all the fics you have, and TwitardedMom's as well.

I was just thinking of posting a new fic rec post this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled on TwiKiwi for that.

Other than all of the above:

For the Summer
Tropic of Virgo
The Plan
The Misapprehension of Bella Swan
Puddle Jumping

I'm currently on a voyage of discovery... slash. I started with poly and now I'm reading Twinned... somebody hold me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and if you need tips on how to download ePub or PDF files from, I can help. Have your people call my people x

My After Car said...

University of Edward Masen
The Office
Wide Awake
The LolaShoes Trilogy
Clipped Wings and Inked Armor
The Plan
For the Summer
Summer of Salt
Edward Wallbanger

Just finished Unexpected Circumstances which was also good, and an easy read.

norcaltwitard said...

Hi Love!!!! How I miss you, let me count the ways... (I always think of Roger Rabbit when I say "let me count the ways" don't ask me And now for some, and I say some cause my comment shouldn't be longer than your post, of my favorite fics (in no particular order):

1. The Weight of Words by georgeygirl
2. Living Backwards by ciaobella27
3. Evading Edward by Vampireshavelaws
4. Last Tango in Forks by AwesomeSauce76
5. Beyond Time by TKegl
6. Tides of Fate by SparklingTwilight
7. My Viking by sheviking
8. Righteous and Wicked by cherry.blossomz
9. Unexpected Circumstances by Savage7289
10. Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar

Several of the fics listed above are also on my list but I thought I would add some variety. I miss you like crazy chica and we HAVE to make plans to see each other soon. XOXOXOXO

17foreverlisa said...

Hi! Finally upgraded my phone and can actually blog!

I am su h a slow reader these days and, like you, I am easily distracfed. It's why I love one shots, drabbles, and short stories.

As you know, I pretty much read slash these days. It's hard to list a top five!

1) MotU I and II by Snowqueen Ice Dragon
2) EP by Kharazzmatic (need to finish)
3) Little Green and Easybella by Betti Gefecht
4) The Plan by Quantumfizzx
5) The Slowest Burn by Typoqween

1) Twinned/Seventeen Men/White Lines by Conversed
2) Sixty Five Hours by owenic
3) Raw and Rosy by tuesdaymidnight
4) Together We Fly by Bbebar
5) Uncomfortable by teambella23
6) Lessons Learned (spinoff and upcomimg sequel) by mistyhaze420
7) Equal and Opposite (spinoff and sequels) by Oh Jasper My Jasper.

I recommend anything written by the above slash authors in all honesty, including collab efforts.

Dangrdafne said...

Illegal Contact

MrsKassieCullen said...

Oh geeze... I think fanfiction is taking over for the year wait between movies lol. Hmmm let's see my top five... gah that's hard the number I've read is in the hundreds, "I have friends I swear" (I could quite possibly be lying about having friends lol)

1) Clipped Wings and Inked Armor
2) The Office
3) Wide Awake
4) Unplanned Perfection
5) Every single thing written by Savage!

Good thing I stopped at five or this could take a loooong time.
PS: These are all completed stories however if you want WIPs I can make a whole other list.
PPS: For future reference I know someone *cough*myself*cough* that can get you many pulled fics in many different formats like for a kindle, iphone, ipad, whatever form you need it.

rottymama said...

Gosh I feel so outta the loop! I've only read 50 Shades in book form. I have starred peoples blogs for their recommendations. One day, some day, I will be in the loop.

Miss Amy Ripp said...

Ohhhhh girrrrrllll. I be creepin' on your blog and had to comment because I've been scrounging twi-blogs for fanfics all night! I JUST finished (well, up to the updated part) Substance Clad in Shadows. JJ recommended it ages ago and I had started reading it back then but got distracted (oooohhh shiny!) and didn't continue reading until last night.

I tell you ... this story dug its hands in me. Her writing style is like no other. She's incredibly poetic and describes everything so beautifully ... you hardly notice Bella is stark raving mad. BUT! The way she writes her, I'm in love. I think she's my favorite Bella out of ALL the fics I've read.

So, I thought I'd share in the event you haven't read it or have it on your list.