Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hump Day Special: Robsten Edition

There's a reason they call us Borderline.... or actually a reason we call ourselves Borderline. We do everything half assed. EVERY. THING. Like for instance, we haven't done any of our FOOOORKS posts yet. We haven't blogged about Twilight Tuesdays. I haven't done my Thanksgiving Wish List. And so on. But we'll get to it... one of these years.

Anyway it's Wednesday (or Winesday as some might call it) and we used to do this little thing on hump day about people we'd like to hump before we started failing at life, I thought we should start it up again with some recent photos that have been circulating. And no, I don't mean of this chick:

Bieber Baby Mama Drama.

A lot of you know we love Twilight. It's hardly something we keep on the down low anymore, we are full blown Twitards. But some of you may not know that we are also Team Robsten. Not just for their hotness (which is obvious to anyone who has eyes) but also for their on and off screen chemistry. We aren't Team Robsten in a "I will kick a baby possum if they aren't together!!!" but more like we love them together and separate but mostly together. As long as they're happy, right? So today we'd like to hump Robsten! In honor of that, let's take a look at some different sides of Robsten...and no, I don't mean "that side" (although we'd like to look, don't get me wrong!) Here weeeee go!

Premiere Robsten


New Moon 


Breaking Dawn 

Photoshoot Robsten

I can't decide who's hotter.

THIS is what the meadow scene should have been like.
I so want this picture framed on my wall.

I think this was the pic that made me finally realize how gorgeous KStew is.

PDA Robsten

I'd keep holding on too if I was walking with someone that hot.

Move your hand over juuuust a little bit.

Nice hand placement, Rob! Wait..... where's Kristen's hand?? 

Oh, there it is! Again, move it over juuust a bit.

Is that...hand holding?
Thank you LuvsMeSumEdward for finding this amazingness.

Let's look at that move in motion, shall we?

So cute. Even Taylor is happy about it!

There are many more Robsten moments we could talk about but it's getting late and I need to save my energy for BREAKING DAWN TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!

Who's going? Who's already seen it? Who loves Robsten? Tell us.

Thank you to my lovelies who provided me with some of these gorgeous pictures. If you took the pics and need me to credit you let us know, we'll be happy to!


Twired Jen said...

Oh my gawd, so many thoughts...where do I begin. When I get frazzled, I make lists, so that is what I'm going to do.

1. Premiere Robsten - Twilight premiere is: "We're hot for each other, but haven't quite excepted it yet." New Moon Premiere is, "we might have fucked, and if anyone finds out, we're fucked." Eclipse Premiere is: "We are fucking, we love it, and are starting not to give a fuck". Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere: "We have been fucking for some time, we still fuck & really, who gives a fuck?!" :) Ok..that should be it's own post. Moving on...

2. The Vanity Fair photo shoot is when I too realized just how unbelievably gorgeous KStew is. Sigh...

3. LOVE the PDA photos, esp the ass hand one at the cement thingy ;) The gif at Ellen is FABULOUS. It doesn't appear he was holding her up, it appears that they were holding hands back stage and kept it natural as long as they could until they realized they "should" let go because they were like " audience here!!" They held hands backstage at the VMA's...just sayin.

Ok, think I'm done.


xo J

norcaltwitard said...

Awwwwww... Robsten is soo sweet! Everytime I see a pic of Rob looking at Kristen I die a little inside, wait no that's not right...What I meant to say was you can really see how much he adores her by the look on his face. Its just so sweet! (I know I said that already, I am just not very creative with the words tonight. lol)

Anonymous said...

Wowza. Beautiful post. I love the movie to movie comparisons. Who am I kidding, I loved every picture with Rob. Kristen is looking good to0.

You aren't the only one who hasn't posted about FORKS yet. This post alone makes up for at least 15 fails.

TongueTwied said...

Jen owns the comments here and I love how happy Robsten makes her!

Love the way you set up this post with the premiere pics! Look what flirtation in the Twilight trees that they thought was 'wit' (meaning not recorded) has led to!

Demanda said...

Team Robsten forever. Watching Breaking Dawn made me fall for them even more. I love them I love them!