Monday, December 20, 2010

If You Didn't Know, Now You Do.

Happy Monday everyone! I know, there's no such thing.. but hopefully our blog will make your day a little brighter because here at Borderline Phenomenal, we aim to please.* In order to do that, we thought we'd give you a little glimpse into us. So maybe you'll feel a little better about yourselves and be thankful you're not that strange.

The other night Demanda and I were at home in our own rooms on twitter/facebook/watching Eclipse minding our own business when I decided to go into her room and ask her a question. I hobbled up our skinny staircase slowly as I have tumbled down those bitches many times and went into ask her a question. What I asked wasn't important but as we finished our convo, we both stopped talking as we came to the exact same realization.

All. The. Time.

I'm not talking gibberish as in "OMFG I'll totes BRB because PMSL." (if you don't know what that means, join twitter.. or get the internet.)

I'm talking gibberish as in our own language. To us, it makes complete sense. To everyone else, we probably sound like this guy.

Yeah I know. We're crazy...or are we?

When we were in high school Amanda's nephew was a little guy who had the cutest speech problem. His last name is Barrington and he would pronounce it "Booington." He once told his mom that he loved "Black Booty" when he meant to say Black Beauty. This kid was our vocabulary idol. The best part about it was that he thought he was speaking correctly. So when we would say words like he did, he would look at us like we were insane. Because we talked to him in his language so much, we haven't been able to stop.. we do it ALL the time. I don't even think we've ever had a convo without using one of these words or phrases..sometimes they even slip out at work.

So here's a little vocab lesson for ya'll. Just in case you ever are around us and we are speaking like in our language, you'll get it. It will be kind of like when people speak spanish. We can understand a few words here and there but mostly we just notice that spanish speaking people use the word "tambien" A LOT!

Booington Vocab Lesson:

A "dat". 

A "baby ditton".

"Sputney Buzz".

"Not tautin".

"Rying a weer" (this image is for you LuvsMeSumEdward!)

A "puntin".

"I'm a dood tid!"


There are a ton more but I think that it would take far too long to explain all the words/phrases and frankly we don't have that much time. Who am I kidding, we do have that much time but you probably don't wanna read it all. If you ever hear us talking like this, don't worry..we didn't fall and hit our heads and we're probably also not too drunk. It's just second nature to us now because we've been using this vocab for so long. We barely realize that we're doing it until people look at us like we're freaks. Then we just pretend...I don't know what we pretend actually, because there's no way to recover from it.

We know, we know.

*if you know what thise phrase is from, you win 100 Borderline Phenomenal Points**

** These points are just 'feel good' points. You don't win a prize or anything, just our love. Which is a prize in itself.


Twired Jen said...

OMG PMSL!!!!!!!!!!! This killz me because my Mom, Sis & I have the same thing, but differnt. A LONG time ago we used to make fun of the way my Dad's Mom spoke, so we adapted what we called the "Grandma Moore" voice. Now we can barely talk normal to each other. It's hard to explain the accent, as it isn't derived from a's just the tone of voice and the cadence. This has been going on for years and sometimes we'll be doing it in public and realize someone overheard...them we say that they MUST think we're mildly retarded.

Anyhoo, I can totally relate. Love this!

xo J

TongueTwied said...

LMAO @ esp Not tautin'

I feel like I just played a round of that game "Mad Gab" And yeah it took me a few minutes to figure out Dawson, but like a Justin Timberlake song I totally did!

Smitten said...

LOL, I'll try to keep that in mind if you two stop making sense. That kind of shit is one of the best things about real friends, especially the ones you grew up with.

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

LOL! That is funny!

LuvsMeSumEdward said...

Lol...thanks for the shout out! You know how much I love that pic of Dawson being a little pansy bitch! Hahaha ;)

My sisters and I are the same way. People get so annoyed with us cause I swear we all share the same's freaky sometimes!

17foreverlisa said...

Too cute!! I can't claim any type of language with friends and/or family. Although, these days, I drive most people nuts with the way I can link everything back to Rob one way or another. Most peoeple think I'm speaking gibberish. LOL!

Dangrdafne said...

I understood everything perfectly... oh no!!!!! LOL!!!

Gibberish amongst friends is expected :)

Charla said...

LoL My sister and I totally have this way of speaking with our mouths closed. We can understand one another, but nobody else can! We used to talk like that all the time.. ahhh memories. :)

v/w: alvabl- Demanda, I'll let Kellan know you're alvabl. ;)

Lindsay Rae said...

This is fucking hilarious!! Jesus. Since I hold my BA in Communication Sciences & Disorders, I have a heartstring pull for anyone with speech difficulties. But this is just damn funny!

I never had sisters, and I limit the girls in my life to lesbians and Twi-chicks, so I don't really have any experience with the whole "own language" phenomenon. But I do talk in Latin with my mom every once in a while. It keeps us smart and Crossword-Ready. JS.