Friday, June 22, 2012

Quiet Times

Oh hai loves. Demanda is out doing the unknown tonight so it's just lil ol me with nothing much to say. I was going to vlog but I'm currently sitting in my jammies with no makeup on. Yep, at 7:30 on a Friday night. You're jealous of my life, you don't need to tell me twice.

It's been a long, long week. Lot's of work, wine, fun, and stuff. Next week we have some awesome stuff planned for you. I don't want to give it away so I'll just post a lil sneak peak.

That's all.


sassykassie1 said...

Hehehe thanks for the reminder I need to get some new batteries ;)

Magic Mike will be fan-freaking-tastic!

I'm in my jammies, no make up at 10pm on a Friday... people are jealous of my life too. *sigh* tough to be so envied.

Demanda said...

ONE MIN VLOG EVERY SUMMER! I'm gone ONE night and you messes it up! :(

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Demanda - one minute per SUMMER? In that case you guys are set for like, 12 summers..... hehehe

Also, Magic Mike doesn't come out here until the end of July. NO FAIR!

It's 6.40pm on Sunday and I am really tempted to hop into bed right now. I've had my jarmies on all afternoon #rockandroll

Mandy's Mind said...

Magic Mike was amazing... so good... except for like the plot and the talking and stuff... but ya the rest was awesome ;) jk