Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We Talk Too Much

We want to blog every day until BD Part Dos. 

Maybe we will.....

Maybe we won't.

We probably won't. 

But we'll try! 


Chye-Lin said...

Love and miss you both! XOXO!

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOU!!! 14 days!!!! xxxx

sassykassie1 said...

Gah I wish I was going to tent city so I could see you girls!

Maybe you'll be at TFMU 2013 I'm Chicago??? If not maybe I can save up for one of the other events, I'm not sure Hawaii is in any way a possibility for me, the flight alone would be a staggering expense. Maybe Portland.... btw what the heck are you guys getting up to that I've never even heard of a Portland meet up lol Either way I have to meet you two!

Happy belated birthday Amanda!! You don't look a day over 18 :)

Rikki H said...

Can't wait to see your faces in 2 weeks! I don't care if I get in or not, I WILL BE IN LA!!! Dammit, this vacation was planned back in Forks2011

Lindsay Rae said...

Gah, it is so good to see you guys. Gorgeous, as usual. And hilarious, as usual.

Can't wait to see the ridiculousness that goes on in LA! I'll be in Port Angeles/Forks for the premier with some other peeps!

....Sigh....Missing you guys.