Monday, September 9, 2013

It's been so looooong

So we decided to talk to you. Like really really talk. We had alot to say but unfortunately we didn't really say any of it. You're welcome. Leave us comments, we love them.


CC said...

I LOVE you guys... gals... whatever :-) So good to see you vlogging again :-D

You're going to Forks again? And then again next year? Gah! I'm SO jealous. Just make sure to take lots of photos of that lovely place (and Lake Crescent, and Seattle of course!) and share them with those less fortunate (i.e. ME) xoxoxoxox

Jiff said...

OMG!! I had to turn the volume on my laptop waaay the eff down! I shoulda known! LMAO!!
I miss you two SO much and I'm jelly about not going to Seattle/Forks this year but next year is a MUST!!
Love you ladies long time!

Twired Jen said...

PMSL - miss you girls, so wish that the timing of my WEDDING, then the BABY, then my first year with THE BABY hadn't screwed up pipe dreams of more WA travels, but ya know.....Anyhoo, truly considering a trip out there for a at least a weekend if you guys go again in 2014. Seriously.

xoxoxoxo J

Muffin Top said...

Okay, so - I love you both.