Saturday, August 14, 2010

Introducing...... US!

Holy crap it's our very first blog! We're finally on our way to possibly phenomenal and no longer on just on the borderline. Yeah, we'll see.

We're Amanda and Jamie. Or "Demanda" and "Jaymes" as we are sometimes known as (ya know cuz we be famous and all.) We've known each other forever. Not like out of the womb or anything, but pretty damn close. It's been about seventeen years since this phenomenal heterosexual life partnership started and we haven't even gotten close to running out of things to talk about.

Yep....pretty much sums it up!

Lately we've realized we have more to say than usual and wondering if we're the only people in the world with these crazy opinions. This realization came to us over a glass of wine because that's where all of our bright ideas originate. Side note: We live in a little beach town on the central coast near a ton of wineries. We will call it "little napa". Demanda said we need a blog since we bounce ideas and topics off each other hourly, yet we have no outlet to express our worldly views. Most of our conversations revolve around The Twilight Saga, reality TV shows, our cat, and the craziness that happens in our lives on a daily basis. We had a ton of blog names but we won't get into those since some of them were awful and some were just inside jokes that would take hours to explain and frankly, you would probably think we were insane. A few days later over a glass of wine (do you see a pattern here??) Demanda had another amazing idea because she's the "thinker" of our duo. Mid-conversation, she just randomly yelled out "BORDERLINE PHENOMENAL!" At first, Jaymes was wondering "Is Demanda complimenting me??" but then realized she was throwing out a possible blog name. Once that was finally understood, BAM! Our bloggy wog was born just like that. Granted, it's taken us a day (or twelve) since we came up with the name to actually get our first post up but now that it's done hopefully it will be smooth(ish) sailing from this point on.  Both of us have strong opinions on everything and plan on posting those snotty awesome opinions here. You're welcome.

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