Friday, June 10, 2011

Just for the FORK of it: Week 2

T Minus 16 weeks till FORKS. 

It was midnight and he was ready for the 3 hr ride to the airport and plane ride to FOOOORKS.
More on that later.
It was a long day.


Demanda said...

HA HA! I was just thinking, "Oh shit! We didn't post our Forks picture!"

I have a good one for next week. Thank you for being the responsible one.

New Moon Edward is so nice.

Double_Dippin said...

Ladies.ladies..ladies..just one word..SQUEEEEEE!!!

Anonymous said...

Dayum, I wish I was going to FORKS with y'all.

TwiKiwi50 said...

As I have now decided is tradition, this is where I post my "six weeks to go!" comment. Done.

Dangrdafne said...

*happy dance*

Lindsay Rae said...

Pffffft. Love NM mini E. So blue shirted and angsty.