Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I Have To Put Up With

A glimpse into the loving, supportive, nurturing, seventeen year friendship that is Jamie and I. .

As most of you fabulous followers know, Forks 2011 is coming up fast. I have booked my hotel at the Forks Hotel, which I am sharing with Jaymes, AllTwiedUp, and NorCalTwitard . I have even booked the car rental that I am sharing with Jaymes and LuvsMeSumEdward. I had yet to book my flight until today. I have been stalking and hourly like it was my solo mission in life to find the cheapest flight to Forks. Today they offered a price I wouldn’t have to sell my first born for so I knew today was the day. I asked Jaymes if we should purchase them together to secure seats next to each other, like we already don’t see each other enough. I offered to put them on my credit card since I already had all the information filled out.

When I e-mailed her the itinerary to triple check everything is accurate, did I get a “thank you for booking the flight”? No. A “thank you for looking every day for cheap flights so our broke asses can go to the mother-ship that is Forks” was no where to be found. Instead, I got this:

Really? . . . REALLY? That was her e-mail back. My initial thought was to only purchase one airfare and when she is unable to board the plane because she has no ticket I would kindly reply “ you were pissed about the meal so I figured you didn’t want to go.” However I declined my initial thought because when I came back from Forks solo all my shit would be burned and or out in the carport. Below is our correspondence from that e-mail on:

Demanda: Jeeebus you asshat. The preference was; low salt, non fat, vegan. What do you prefer?

(She redeems herself in her reply)

Jaymes: I don’t know which category Vodka fits under. Low salt?

Demanda: Fat free.

Jaymes: Hopefully I don’t have to be gluten free by then cuz I iz going to yell at them because I won’t be able to have Vitamin R. *

*I love that this is one of her biggest challenges if she has Celiac. Diehard Twitard.

Anyhoo, I felt inclined to give you a little somethin’ somethin’ and demonstrate what true friendship looks like. Thank you Jaymes for always being a high-maintenance biotch. Please never change.



Rikki_DD said...

Bwahahaha! At least Jaymes knows what she wants and a *high five* for wanting vodka as her meal preference.

Musing Bella said...

LOLOL - Hey, Jamie, they'll give you vodka no matter what meal you pick. :) Airplane: WIN!

I am so excited about going back!

Twired Jen said...

I almost got teary ready the 1st paragraph. Why oh why is my wedding the same weekend. Oh yah, because I effing booked it not "thinking."!!!!


Twired Jen said...

That was supposed to say READING. Ummm how come I can comment here, but not on my own blog?!?! Please, someone figure this out for me.

Chloe Cougar said...

Oh you guys make me laugh so hard - I may have pee'd myself a little. (Oops! Sorry! TMI there...)

At least you two can fly together - and it's not too far. Me? I have gruelling cross-Atlantic shizz to consider - on my lonesome - not to mention the resultant jet-lag :-( Meal preferences are the LEAST of my worries! (Food? Nah, skip it. Let's get straight to the wine. Sod the dehydration...)

Anyways, thanks for making me LOL yet again - I can't wait to meet you h00rs in Forks :-)

CC x

jennykate77 said...

This is all sorts of awesomeness.

First of all, you guys are the cutest.

Second, I love that she was concerned about where her choice alcoholic beverages fell into the meal preference categories.

Third, it makes Fooooorks seem real when people start discussing their travel arrangements.

I can't flippin' wait.

Dangrdafne said...

Just like an old married couple. I love it.

Smitten said...

You two seriously crack me up. I am so disappointed that I can't come to Forks and meet you. *posts*