Friday, August 5, 2011

Nikki Reed Gives A Shit

Over here at Borderline Phenomenal, we like to talk about some unusual things. More so in our lives than on the blog but that's because we're easing our way into it. Conversations we have in our daily lives usually make men cringe...and that says a lot. We talk about any and everything. Even poop jokes. Probably as much as Jenny Jerkface and if you know her, you know that's a lot.

This has nothing to do with this post except for the fact that it's poo and awesome. 

Also, we like doing good deeds. It may not seem like it but that's because we aren't those types of people to brag about it. When we do it, it's quietly done so we don't seem like assholes doing it for the wrong reasons. Those people suck. But I guess a good deed is a good deed. BTW, we've had a few good deeds come our way recently and will write about that more on that in another post. But in general, when it comes to caring, we give a shit. 

You know who else gives a shit?

Nikki Reed is gorgeous AND gives a shit. Double bonus.
If you don't know what I mean, I'll prove it to you. Sit back, watch, and learn as Nikki teaches you how to care by simply...


You're welcome.



miss tejota said...

Is no one else bothered by the fact there was no fake hand wash after the fake shit. I mean cleanliness folks needs to happen even in the fake world. I give a shit about charity and the folks not spreading the real and/or fake poo bacteria.

Living with Edward said...

What the hell?

Chloe Cougar said...

@misstejota Thank you! Thank you! That's exactly what I was thinking (in between laughing out loud at this gem of a video).

This is absolutely hilarious - I still can't believe it - but I have gone and given one....

The other thing I noticed - please tell me I'm not alone in finding this a little strange - is Nikki mentioning that we all do it at least every other day. Um, hello, if I went that long between shits, I'd be seriously worried!

CC x

Trixie and Tess said...

That video cracked me up. Last week when I watched it, I was convinced that it was a spoof, but's legit, which is even funnier.

Nikki is gorgeous and she gives a shit. awesome.

I've been sorta enamoured with poop every since my 13th birthday when my uncle gave me a beautifully wrapped box and inside was a seriously realistic looking piece of poop. It made me laugh so hard and ended up getting re-gifted a million times. So, that pic of the iPooped flash drive thingy makes me laugh. I need one!