Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Hump Day Special: Things We Want To Hump

Woooo Hoooo! Hollar for Hump Day!

Not sure what a "butt giggle" is but today is Hump Day and my butt hasn't giggled yet.
In honor of this glorious day, we've decided to let you have a glimpse into our awesome minds and share things we want to hump. This is more along the lines of things we love but you get the idea. Yesterday  we were rambling on and on about things we love and realized that this is going to have to be a weekly segment since we are apparently giant whores and want to hump way too many things to fit in one little teeny blog post.

And the first thing we want to hump is........the Men of Gossip Girl.

Our lady parts are purring.
 Many of you probably don't watch this show...  it's made for high schoolers (even though it has sex, scandal, drinking, etc.) but it's a huge guilty pleasure show. The men are beautiful, the clothes are awesome and as we mentioned already.... sex, scandals and drinking!

Yep! Our kind of show.

 We felt like we should introduce you to the hump worthy stars of our dreams favorite show. And if you watch it then you understand what we mean.

Jaymes' pick:

Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass:
The resident filthy rich bad boy

I want one.

 At first I wasn't a fan of this guy at all.  He had a darker version of Justin Bieber's weird ass hair (only flatter), wore colorful scarves with bowties and he was kind of a little bitch. But then as time went on and he showed his seduction skills, I became more of a fan and he is now hands down my favorite guy I'd like to screw male character on tv. Plus he's british in real life and in a band... two of my requirements when looking for a celebrity to picture stalk. He is number 2 on my "Men I want to hump" list right after Robert Pattinson. And that says a lot. I know there are some Twilight fan fic readers out there and if any of you have read MOTU, Chuck Bass is who I automatically think of when I think of Edward (or "fifty"...but truthfully I have no idea what that means because I haven't gotten that far in the story yet). He's rich, he's powerful, he's arrogant (but rightfully so) and he's hot as hell. He gets what he wants, when he wants because he's Chuck Bass.

Gimme. And then take me to your red room of pain and talk British to me.

Demanda's Pick:

Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald:
The sweet sexy one

I go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs for men with blue eyes. I do not know what it is but I’m drawn to them. Parents be warned, I will imprint on your child if he has blue eyes, just sayin’.  Note from Jaymes: This is true. She really will. I'm so afraid if I one day give birth to a boy with blue eyes, Demanda is going to go all "cougar" on him.

His eyes burn holes into my pants.

Before I got sucked into the black hole of The Twilight Saga , Chace used to be my number one “freebie five.” His character, Nate on Gossip Girl tends to veer towards sweet and caring. Nothing like a drop dead hottie who also gives two shits about something other than himself.

Nom nom nom

The other men of Gossip Girl definitely aren't hard on the eyes but the above men are one of the main reasons we masterbate to watch the show.  If they weren't on it, we would just be watching a bunch of girls who are prettier and richer than us fight about nothing and frankly who wants to see that?  Not us.


TexasKatherine said...

I have no clue who any of those people are. They are all very photogenic though. ;)

miss tejota said...

I can't get down with Chace, something about him just so turns me off.

And I'm not a fan of Ed only because he looks so dirty when I've seen him around town. But when he is dressed up as Chuck, hello!!!

I look forward to your other hump worthy pleasures.