Monday, October 25, 2010

Ode To Literacy

Allow myself to introduce… myself, I’m Demanda and I have been missing in action since the inception of this Blogger account. I might even be more elusive than Twired Jen's sister Elusive S. You all might be wondering “where is Demanda” OR you could care less because Jaymes is such an awesome writer.

I have been cowardly hiding behind Jaymes' blogs because writing is not my fortay. I FAIL at grammar, the English language, and punctuation… epically.

Like this, only worse.

A teacher in high school once pulled me aside and asked if my essay was a joke because I excelled in his advanced biology class and the essay must have been written by someone with an I.Q of 2 (my Science teacher also taught English, P.E, Drivers Ed, Sex Ed, and was the football coach).

An excerpt from said essay.

I am mathematically and scientifically inclined. I would take any Physics or Chemistry class over kindergarten writing any day!
I applied here but was DENIED.

With that being said, I just might have to hold up my end of this Blogger bargain via videos. I recently went to Forks,Washington to hike get out of town TO MEET MY TWITARTED FAMILY! I had an amazingly wonderful time hanging out with individuals who love me unconditionally, obsessions and all. In addition to meeting my new family, I also went to Forks to find a Sparkly Vampire… success:

If the embedded video isn't working, click here.

Well, thank you for reading my first post! Feel free to contact me anytime to shoot a video for you because that shit was PER-FEC-TION!


miss tejota said...

I'm a bit bummed that I couldn't watch your video with the sound up because I'm in a new job and that just doesn't fly.

But Demanda I love math and science, it actually makes me randay. So if you could be so inclined to tweet, email, or call me with some sexy math and science words I would yours forever.

red_bella said...

That is priceless!

Yah I hear you I'm a total fail at the english language! Ask me to fix a computer, write a software program, make you a wedding dress... I can do it.... Write a report and make it ledigible...
Not Gonna Happen!

My After Car Is An XKR said...

Holy crap that video was amazing! I love it! And yay, the bracelet made the video :) You guys are hilarious!

Twired Jen said...

OMG not to worry little lady, you have something called spell check!

I almost do worse when sober...give me a few glasses of wine and I'm a pro. LMAO!

Love ya.

PS I don't see a vid and I do have firefox...damnit!

xo J

Twi-Lin said...

Enjoyed your 1st post and I got to see the video! I totally relate to "I FAIL at grammar, the English language, and punctuation… epically." You are not alone.

Charla said...

Yaye, the video is working!!! :)

I totally prefer science to nearly anything. I actually love science. There is a lot of algebra in nursing, but I pretty much have that down.

Science nerds unite!! ;)

Chloe Cougar said...

Love your post Demanda! new to this blog, but I like what I see so far!

Oh, and sod the spelling and grammar - who needs it anyway?


CC x

wv: outti ('cept mine's an inni)

Demanda said...

Awh I feel SO MUCH better. I was so afraid to even write on peoples blogs in fear of being judged!

Love you ladies!!!

Jaymes805 said...

Ha Demanda and I are opposites, I'm HORRIBLE at science and way too impatient for long ass math problems. I just want to skip to the end and be done with figuring them out.

I'm not great at grammar either. Demanda and I had a convo yesterday about how we were taught to put commas in sentences every time we pause....and we pause a lot. Must be all the alcohol. Or the fact we went to a school with like 100 people. Who knows.

Thanks for the all of you so much!

DaisyDarkside said...

Reading your words make me laugh good! One day I dream of adding my darkface imput and being borderline phenomenal too!!


Oh Daisy Darkface I can't stop laughing at your ....dark face. You're macking me laugh more gooder than before when you were Daisy Darkside.