Thursday, September 1, 2011


Why hello, long time no blog. I, Demanda, have made a pact with myself and @musingbella that I will blog every day this month leading up to the day Jaymes and I leave for “Seattle.” My friends and family think I am going to “Seattle” for a few days.  .  . little do they know I am going to the Mothership that is Forks, Washington. Gah,  I c a n n o t wait ladies!

I see Borderline Phenomenal has new followers and I wanted to re-introduce myself and Jaymes.  I would love to meet all of you in Seattle and Forks if you are going. 

Demanda:  I love long walks on the beach. . . just kidding. I am a late bloomer when it comes to loving anything that remotely has to do with Twilight. I used to endlessly make fun of Jaymes and her love for Twilight. Every time I saw a disco ball I would scream “EDWARD!” (I still do). I admit I watched Twilight (hated it) New Moon (hated it) then Eclipse (LOVED IT) On June 30th, 2010 I entered into the fandom that is Twilight and what a fantastic ride it has been ever since. After watching Eclipse, I read all four books in three weeks. My entire life revolved around that damn Saga. I would spend unhealthy amount of hours Google-ing topics on Twilight, Rob, Robsten, Kellan, locations of filming, Kellan, release dates on upcoming movies, Kellan; and then I came across my first Twi-Blog Twired. I fell in love with TwiredJen and Elusive_S From Jen’s blog I found Twitarded and it was all downhill from there. I went to Forks with everyone in 2010 , more on that in another post, and had one of the BEST weekend of my life.

Oh hai, Edward!

 I live with Jaymes in a small beach community in California.  My blogger handle is Demanda, on Twitter I am @amandakmelby, and my real life name is Amanda, go figure! Jaymes and I are getting into Seattle early Wednesday morning to get in some tourist attractions before the meet up in the Red Room of Pain. I would consider myself to be extremely outgoing so if you need a dance partner, karaoke partner, or drinking buddy. . come find me!  Thursday we’re driving to Forks after we pick up luvsmesumedward  and her sister and staying until Sunday afternoon.

Jaymes: What up h00rs! I'm Jaymes. I've been awesome since 1982 when I was made at a Cinco de Mayo party in the woods of a small Iowa town. I enjoy dancing, champagne, laughter, and 99 cent shrimp cocktail.  Some people may see me as a Sarcastic Sally but I see myself as stellar. I've been addicted to Twilight since I saw New Moon sitting on the coffee table of a previous co-workers house. "What's this?" I asked. She stated it was a vampire book and I immediately threw it down like it had lit my hand on fire. "I don't DO vampires" I stated (my, how things have changed.. I would give anything to do a vampire now!) She told me the books were amazing and to read the first chapter of Twilight. If I wasn't convinced, I never had to look at them again. One chapter later and I was asking her if I could borrow the book. I promptly returned it to her the next day and asked to borrow New Moon. I returned THAT to her the next day and she gave me devastating news; Eclipse wouldn't be out for a few months. I waited patiently for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to come out and read them the day they hit the bookstores. As soon as I found out they were being made into a movie, I squee'ed with my co-workers and then we all sat around curiously wondering who would be playing the lead characters. When I found out it was Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, I didn't want to see the movies anymore. As soon as I saw the movies, I immediately changed my mind and fell in love then tried to push them on Demanda like a bad crack habit. She didn't budge very easily. Even after seeing Twilight and New Moon. When she went on a trip for a week with nothing to do, I made sure to pack all 4 books in her suitcase. She came home and stated "I read one chapter but then I got sick and slept the rest of the time." After rethinking our friendship for a long time, I decided to give her another chance. Thankfully she came around so we could fangirl out together and watch/read/talk/smell/lick all things Twi. We had a FANTASTICAL time in Foooooooooorks last year and can't wait to see all of your sexy faces again!

Jaymes and I would also love to get to know you a little more too so age, sex, location would be g r e a t.  Please, please respond to the questions below in the comments.

1.      Real Name – Twitter handle  - Blogger name

2.      What day are you flying, driving, walking, boating into Seattle or Forks

3.      Are you going to the meet up in Seattle

4.      Is this your first time going to #FOOORKS

5.      Do you have a blog? What’s the address so we can add it!?

6.      Social Security number, date of birth, and address - LOL

To all out lovely followers who are not going this year or even if you are not a fan of Twilight *shutters* we are not trying to exclude you! We love you too!


LuvsMeSumEdward said...

27 days...holy shit I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

...and now to answer you questions :)

1. My name is Jess and I'm @LuvsMeSumEdward on Twitter

2. I'll be flying into Seattle on Thursday morning and then waiting on these two h00rs to pick me up! ;)

3. Nope can't make it on Wed...booo!

4. I have actually been to Forks before but this is my first time with all my Twitarded sistas!

5. Nope, I don't blog, but I do love to tumble :)

6. Why you gonna try and identity thief us?!

Can't wait to see all of you!!!!

RPatzpornacopia said...

You two are so adorable.. I can't wait to tacklehug you both..ok so..
1. My name is Jude Double_dippin on twitter.
2.I will be in Seattle on Tuesday planning on seeing and soing stuff.
3. Yes, I plan on the meetup, can't wait to see y'all.
4.this is my second trip..the first was so amazing, I couldn't NOT go again.
5.I have a tumbler it is
6. You have some personal info on me already..isn't that enough?? LOL
I love you guys..can't wait to see you soon FOOOORKS!!!

rottymama said...

1. Real Name--Christine, Twitter handle--@chrisranberg,Blogger name--Rottymama

2. What day are you flying, driving, walking, boating into Seattle or Forks?
Driving from North ID--literally across Washington State. *Hoping to be their Friday, if I wait for my BFF. Ugh waiting! But coming home on Monday. If BFF bags on me, I'll be there Weds night!, then I'll be begging to stay with someone at the Mayflower.

3. Are you going to the meet up in Seattle? IDK see #2*

4. Is this your first time going to #FOOORKS? Nope, went last year, FORKS 2010. I handed out my Spud candy. Did U get one? Bringing somemore and some Spud swag.

5. Do you have a blog? What’s the address so we can add it!?

6. Social Security number, date of birth, and address - LOL
Then I'd have to be taken out of the witness protection program. HAHA!

Look forward to meeting you guys and can share some monkey stories too!!

Musing Bella said...

What uuuuuuuup, friends??? OK, let's see...

1. Erin - @musingbella - MusingBella

2. Driving up with Starlit Violets on Wednesday, probably on the earlier side to get settled and hang out (maybe have a piroshky down by the market - fuck me, do I love that place).

3. Hell to the yes!

4. Nope, I was there last year, although I only met one of you somehow...

5. I sure do and it's linked in this post. (Thanks, bbs!!) Http://

6. I love you both, but no.

Soooo super excited to see/meet/drink with everyone!!! ANd thanks, Amanda, for being my blog-pal this month!!

Twi-Lin said...

I can wait to see my GIRLS!!!!

1. My name is Chylynn @Twi_Lin on Twitter and Blogger. I used to be @monkeygirl1969.

2/3. Since I already live close by I'm planning on heading up to head up to Seattle on Wednesday. I'm picking @libbybelle523 up from airport that afternoon and then hanging out w/ you h00rs for the evening!

4. This will be my 4th time going to Forks. The first time was in preTwilight days back in the 80's when family driving was through. Two years ago I took my niece and then of course I was there last year and had so much fun with everyone!

5. blog:

6. My b-day is Jan 8th like Elvis & David Bowie! So that makes me pretty awesome! :)

Love you bunches! xoxox

Dangrdafne said...

1. Real Name – Twitter handle - Blogger name
Sharon - dangrdafne - dangrdafne

2. What day are you flying, driving, walking, boating into Seattle or Forks
arrive Seattle Wednesday evening 9-28, leave Forks Sunday 10-2 but don't fly home until Monday 10-3

3. Are you going to the meet up in Seattle

4. Is this your first time going to #FOOORKS
nope, I was there last year!!

5. Do you have a blog? What’s the address so we can add it!? I believe I am already on the list :)

6. Social Security number, date of birth, and address - LOL
123-45-6789, 10-25-1969, the commune of Twitardia

See you soon!!!

Rikki_DD said...

1. Rikki and I'm Rikki_DD on twitter/blogger

2. I get into Seattle on Thursday cause I have an asshead of a boss that won't allow me to have Wed off. Just because there is a big bank meeting about my work on a $62 million dollar case doesn't mean that I have to be there right??
3. Nope can't make it on Wed...booo!

4. I am a Forks virgin and can't think of a better way to pop the Forks cherry.

5. I would blog about my life BK (before kids) cause that life was now is dull

6. I'll give you my son's fathers info! His credit is so jacked he won't notice...

norcaltwitard said...

1. Kate, @norcaltwitard, same-@
2. I'll b wingin to seattle on wed afternoon
3. Just try to keep me away from the RRoP. I dare ya!
4. I popped my forks cherry in 2010. We had an epic convo & bonded forever :)
5. The awesome @alltwiedup lets me hijack her blog, Dirty, hot and nerdy.
6. Dont u have my ssn tattooed on ur ass already?!

I <3 u both in hard & pervy ways! Cant wait to see u both :)

Twired Jen said...

OMFG LOVE this post. So great to see you blogging Amanda...u iz funny, ha ha!

So sad I'm not going, but so happy I went the first time around! And thx for the shout out by the way!

Let's's my sched for that week so you guys know exactly what I'm doing ;)

Wed: Working...DG's parents and siblings arrive from Minnesota.

Thurs: Golf for the boys, ES & I pack up for our overnight in the hotel. 3:30PM rehearsal at the venue, 5pm rehearsal dinner in Old Town. THEN ES & I go back to the hotel to drink a "small" amount of vino and sit in the jacuzzi.

Fri: Get ready all damn day. 6pm party till Midnight.


So jealous! I will miss you guys and be glued to twitter, despite all the other things I should be doing at the time.


Twired Jen said...

Oh forgot...

Sat: BBQ at my parents. Hair of the dog.

Jiff said...

1. My name is Jennifer but you can call me Jiff. On the Twitter I'm @jiffsimpson. :)
2. I am flying into Seattle from Tulsa, Ok with @TrixieandTess and then meeting up with @allthingsHHH!
3. Hellz yeah, we will be there Wednesday night and I canNOT wait to meet everyone!
4. My roomies and I will be popping our Forks cherries together and we are very excited about that!
5. I do have a blog, although it is not Twi-specific. But, if you are bored and want to know more about me or if you need to read something in order to fall asleep, you can find my blog at
6. Sorry but no.

Laxplays said...

1. My name is Caroline. Also known as @Laxplays

2. Flying into Seattle on Thursday, heading to Portland for one night and then arriving into Fforks on Friday with @AGirlinthesouth and @Donnawhodoesnottweet

3. No, I'll still be making lunch boxes on the Wed!

4. I think I was there last year! Oh, yes, I was.

5. Blog? Er, no. I'm too busy making lunch boxes.

6. Info not readily available but I can make you a cracking lunch box.


TheRugbymom said...

1. Um. No. I'll tell you when I see you & I'll even write it on a name tag, but not on the internets. I'm terribly paranoid - afraid someone from RL will identify me. I need to keep my job! TheRugbymom on blogger & @TheRugbymom on twitter.
2. Flying to Seattle Wednesday morning.
3. Helz yeah! RROP I'm there!
4. Yes. Forrrrrks 2010!
5. Don't have time to figure out how to blog 'cause I read too much fanfiction. I'm not interesting enough or creative enough to be a good blogger anyway. I can't even figure out how to join tumblr!
6. That information is readily available, along with my Passion Party wish list. All you have to do is guess my password.

Can't wait to meet everyone that I didn't meet last year!

Demanda said...

I am beyond excited to meet all of you that I have not met. Jamymes and I were a little shy last year. We barely started a Twitter account before Forks. We did not know a single person by their first name and it was a barrier when introducing ourselves. I want you all to know (those who have not been) that Forks is AMAZING. All the ladies take you for exactly who you are and are so accepting. Please, please put yourself out there because, from what I saw, most were shy at first.

THANK you all for the information and I am sooooooo happy to get to know you!


Demanda said...

@rottymama - I didn't!!! :( I am now following your blog! :)

@Jen - I lurve you. We will be tweeting the shit out of you on your wedding day <3 We will all have to Photoshop you in photos ;)

@laxplays - looking forward to your box lunches!

@Jiff - So excited to meet all three of you! I added your blog too.

@Kate - W00t I am so excited for round two with you <3

@Rikki - If you do not sing "Tale of Jack Sparrow." when I see you, I will cry instantly!

@Jude - GAHHH I am more than ready to tackle hug you!! I want to do a blog post about the forms. Thank you for putting it all together bb!

@Jess - Please, please, please can I steal your identity?

@Chylynn - It's been waaay too long bb!! :(

@Sharon - I cannot thank you enough for such an incredible weekend in Napa! Mwah!

@Erin - Look at us go!

AllTwiedUp said...


1. Charla- @AllTwiedUp and AllTwiedUp

2. Flying in on Wednesday morning!

3. Totes going to the Seattle Fuckery, not sure where we are gonna sleep, probably with Miss Chylynn. :) Or on someone's random hotel floor. Haven't quite figured that out yet. lol

4. This is my second time to FOOOORKS and the second time with the Clan of Twitarded.

5. I do, Kate aka @NorCalTwitard and I love to post random shit there. :)

6. Damn it, Sharon! I was totally gonna do that. ;) Birthday is November 29, 1983.. I live in the Bay Area. That's all you get. And you damn near know the rest. :)

libbybelle said...

hello ladies! *uses term loosely*

here are my stats!

1. i'm elizabeth or libby my twitter handle is @libbybelle523 and my blogger name is libbybelle creative right ;-)

2. i'll be in seattle on wed!

3. i'm flying in on wed and the beautiful, lovely, generous, sweet, sister from another mister, *can u tell i'm in fluv;* chylynn is picking my sorry ass up at the airport and taking me to the RRoP! i will probaly be on a bit of a xanax high since i am scared to death of flying and can't figure out how to get myself on a plane without druggin myself up. *please don't judge*

4.i am a Forks virgin. i'm nervous i won't be able to keep up with you experienced girls!

5.i don't have a blog. my grammar is terrible. my tweets could use a beta!

6. my bday is may 23rd. thats ten days after mr. robert pattinson.

lovely reading about all you sweethearts! can't wait to meet up with you! i may be a bit shy but if u give me some alcohol i may show u my boobs.....sorry in advance.

MrsKassieCullen said...

1) My real name is Kassie my Twitter and Blogger names are MrsKassieCullen

2) I'm taking my spaceship to Forks I will arrive on whatever day my molecules finally come back together from my flight through the space time continuum

3) no :(

4) n/a :(

5) Why I sure do! Twilight Junkies Anonymous, you may or may not have heard of us ;)

6) 111-11-1112, 05/25/1985, 1313 Mockingbird Lane :) <-only one of those might actually be true

I really wish I was going to Forks with you all. If I ever make it to Cali I expect you two to come Rob/Jackson/Kellan/Peter hunting with me :)

JustJen_17 said...

Hello all! I'm jumping in here, since I finally decided to say screw responsibilities and go to Fooorks! :)

1. I'm Jen - JustJen_17 on twitter. I haven't really used it much, but I guess I should start and get to know people before the trip.

2. I'll be driving over to Seattle on Wednesday.

3. Yes!! Still need to find a place to stay that night.

4. I have been to Forks, but not with the Twitards. I'm so excited!!

5. No blog...have thought about it, but I'd probably run out of crap to say quickly! Haha.

6. LOL my birthday is August 9, 1980 though.

Living with Edward said...


1. Corrinne. @LivingWEdward. Living with Edward.

2. I'll be arriving in Seattle on Wednesday with Dangrdafne whenever the plane lands. Still don't have a ticket.

3. I will be in the red room of pain. You'll know it's me cause my date will be wearing a pair of unbuttoned faded jeans.

4. Second time to Forks. Went on last years twitarded trip and it was the best thing ever. Not going this year is not an option.

5. Yes I have a poor little neglected blog. Edward is pissed.

6. Stealing my identity will do you more harm than good so I'll be kind and save you the trouble.


TwiKiwi50 said...

1. Hello my name is Amy and I am an OUT AND PROUD Twitard.
Amy - @TwiKiwi50 - TwiKiwi50

2. BOO HOO. I went to Forks two weeks ago. It was awesomesauce.

3. Nope. But I recommend you go to Escala and see my boyfriend. Oh, and go to the EMP and see the Nirvana exhibit. SO COOL.

4. Yes it was my first time in Forks. I popped my cherry. hehehe.

5. - where you can find my travel posts including the one about FORKS

6. Good luck with that.

Now, what I want from YOU, ladies, is a hint about where we shall next meet. I'm up for TWITARDS IN HAWAII 2013.... yes?

Excuse me whilst I go and mope and cry about how I'm not going to be in Forks with you all. At least now I can picture where the debauchery is taking place.

justkristin1 said...


1. Kristin - @justkristin1 and

2. Flying into Seattle on Tuesday the 27th, driving to Fooorks on Thursday.

3. Hell yes!

4. This will be my 2nd trip, I was along for the Twitarded adventure last year!

5. Nope.

6. Yeah right, 5/26/80, Iowa City :)

Chloe Cougar said...

1. Neets - ChloeCougar - ChloeCougar

2. Arriving in Seattle on Weds 28th - driving to Forks on Thur 29th

3. Too right I am :-D

4. Yes, I'm a #Forks2011 virgin ;-)

5. I sure do:

6. No way! xx

Can't wait to meet you guise!

CC x

jennykate77 said...

1. JennyKate, JK, Jenny...whatever. You can find me on Twitter as @TrixieandTess and @jennykate77

2. Flying into Seattle from Tulsa w/ @jiffsimpson. We arrive around 5:30 and we're meeting up with @allthingsHHH (Michelle)!

3. Does Edward sparkle?! Hellz yes, we'll be at the RRoP!

4. *raises hand* Forks virgin. I'm really looking forward to handing in my v-card. I'm not nervous or anything.

5. Two blogs - and

6., wait, that's my phone number.

*going to practice my tackle hugs*

Lindsay Rae said...

Late late late.... I'd trip over my own damn urn and slip on the tears of my loved ones the way I show up to shit.

1 I'm Lindsay Rae! You can call me Lindsay Rae. I am LindsayRae114 on twitter!

2 I'm driving up on Thursday with a couple of rookies and Lindz NomNom of RobManiPorn. We are planning to do dinner in Port Angeles I think.

3 Do I want to fuck Jacob Black?! ...Fuck No? Huh...Guess I won't be able to make it.

4 Hell fucking no! I went last year, and it was fucking amazing. I can't wait to drive through Vancouver, WA and see the first FORKS marker on the highway!!

5 Nope. But I would love to if I had the time!

6 439970291034, 14/98/2071, 3000 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I loved reading through the comments! I have honestly forgotten some of your RL names, so this was a great refresher course, lol!