Saturday, November 6, 2010

Comedy Luv

Ladies (and gay men) is it just me or is one of the things that makes a man so damn attractive his sense of humor? I mean I've tried to date men who aren't funny but we'd get about 20 seconds in to the date and he was so dull that I told him to put on his pants and leave (Just kiiiiidddding. I think it was shorts, not pants.)

There's this one guy in the comedy world that I adore..big time. I don't know if it's his sense of humor or his handsome face but I want to take him home and make sweet, sweet comedy love to him.

This guy. 

I seriously, SERIOUSLY heart Andy Samberg. I've loved him since the first time I saw him on SNL and have continued to love him in everything since. A few of my favorites are Dick in a Box, Jizz in my Pants, I'm on a Boat, Like a Boss, Tizzle Wizzle Show (he's not in this one very much...but it's still AWESOME) and many more. But my all time favorite Andy Samberg video is Shy Ronnie.

If the vid above doesn't work, click here

This came out about two years ago and even though I've seen it a ton of times, I could still watch it a hundred times more, no joke (even though Rihanna looks like a douche nozzle from the 80's but I try to ignore that part). You can imagine my excitement when I heard Rihanna was on SNL last weekend. I hoped and prayed that there would be another Shy Ronnie video and I pretty much shit my pants when I found this little jem online.

If this one doesn't work, click here

I don't know what it is about Shy Ronnie that I love so much. Maybe its that he's a shy lil guy. Or maybe it's that he pisses himself, gets boners and can rap like the best of 'em. But whatever it is, I really hope they keep making these videos for years to come. Otherwise I might just keep watching these over and over and over and over......

I don't have a problem, I swear!!! 


Anonymous said...

Oh snap! I love him...and one of my faves is the one where he goes to see "The chronicles....what? of Narnia"...with his pocket full of hamiltons...lmao!

miss tejota said...

I stop watching SNL some time ago so I didn't know about these little pieces of glory. Thank you for adding some much needed laughter to my day!

Charla said...

I freakin love him, too! I seriously quote "Jizz in my Pants" like, at least once a day. "I open the window and breeze rolls in...." LOL!

v/w: Prinis. Is that like penis? Hahaha!