Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things We Want to Hump: Demanda Edition

This might come as a shock all our fabulous readers; I have a massive female boner for Kellan Lutz. Let me break down my obsession.

1.       Blue Eyes: I have an unhealthy fetish with men who have blue eyes. I will imprint on any male with blue peepers.  They make me moist in my bad place.

I'm drooling.

2.      Large Packages: Holy Batman, this guy is packing some serious heat. I will be severely disappointed if that is a sock.

I have no words.

3.      Abs: Who the fu@% does not like ABS? On a scale of 1-10, Kellan, is roughly a 1,585,239.


4.      Personality: It’s kind of irrelevant but I thought I should throw it out there. He has one and it is endearing. He tweets all day long trying to gain awareness for many charities…

He could be telling me to adopt bags of poop and I'd still buy! 

5.      Do I really need to say anything else? Enjoy!!

It's almost Christmas and I spy a package! 

Those Eyes! Those dimples! Those Hands! Gimme! 

Take it OFF! 

I would write more but my chair has turned into a slip-n-slide. Happy Hump Day hOOrs.


miss tejota said...

I adore me some Kellan. Which is so odd, because I swore off boys with blonde hair and blue eyes after some drama with a bf. If someone even mentions a man with that combo I shudder. However, Kellan came along and made me forgot all about that drama.

This man is unbelievably hot. After seeing him in person, and realizing how pretty he is and how campy he can be I was in LUST.

Great post. Mmm, mmm, good.

Uber Vamp said...

I just wish he gets over that McCord woman, there are much better woman for him (points to self).

Demanda said...

Miss T I am UBER jealous of you. You saw him IN PERSON?!? Did you faint?

@Uber Vamp - You and me both girl. After you're done with him, send him my way ;)