Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hump Day Special/Things We Want To Hump:The Cheesy Edition

As promised, every Wednesday we are giving you a glimpse at things we want to hump. Not literally... sometimes just a good mind hump will do.

Apparently, this is a "mind hump". Gross.  I just lost my "mind boner".

 Today we'd like to talk to you about the lovely, the yummy, the mouthwatering, taste of......


We're not sure what it is about cheese but we have to have it on EVERYTHING: sanwiches, burritos, salads, deserts, candy.... ok maybe that's going a little overboard but still, Pretty sure we've contimplated it. Cheese is the bomb diggity of life. If you ever need to get us a present and the store is all out of alcohol, go for the cheese baskets (hint hint: you can email us and we'll glady give you our address). You will become numero uno on our list of favorite people and we may even let you have a bite. Yes, people say cheese "backs you up" but we'd glady spend our entire life not pooping than give up the tasty goodness. There is nothing on the planet that makes Demanda happier than a sourdough baguette, warm roasted garlic, and brie cheese. We would eat this concoction for every meal but the outcome (or lack there of) would not be pretty.

He must have had a life of eating cheese.

 Brie cheese on with fig jam on sourdough? Done for. Don't even get us started on feta or gorgonzola. Nom, Nom, Nom. Every Lent Demanda gives up cheese and Jaymes tells her she's crazy between bites of mac and cheese or a cheese pizza. EVERY Lent. Going forty days without cheese is almost unbearable. She gets that it's the point of Lent but still, come on! Cheese is like air to us. And we doubt Jesus would like us to give up air.

See? Even Jesus couldn't keep his mug off of a grilled cheese. Wait, is that a DOUBLE grilled cheese?!?

We know that having sex with food is un-unacceptable (Demanda honestly thought that was a word...there should seriously be a language named after her) but if either of us were to make sweet, sweet love to a type of food, it would be cheese.

Yes its a perverted and delusional thought but at least we hope know we're not alone.

It's okay, don't look at the label lil guy!

No, no it does not!


miss tejota said...

Mmm, I love me some cheese. Yes it makes me fart and bloats my gut up because I'm lactose intolerant, but it's worth it. Well worth it until I need to run to the facilities. I try to consume my rat like craze for cheese with Lactaid, but the joys of cheese can cloud the mind and make a girl forget.

Ladies I understand. You should try a good warm blue cheese on french bread with honey. Yummo!

Chloe Cougar said...

Oh! Oh! Or Baked Camembert. Or cheese fondue! Or good old fashioned cheese on toast (with onions too).

Cheese! I LURVE cheese too!

CC x