Friday, November 26, 2010

Hell No to Black Friday

I seriously had no idea why this was called black Friday. I was thinking it was because people are still blacked out from their alcohol consumption on Thanksgiving. Or that they were blacked out in a food coma. Or perhaps it's because it's still dark outside when people go on their crazy shopping sprees at 3am. Apparently it's none of these. "Black Friday" indicates a period during which retailers are turning a profit or "in the black."  There's a nice little fun fact for this post-turkey day while everyone lays around regretting everything they ate in the last 24 hours.

I know I already posted this picture but it's THAT good. 

I don't know about you, but the day after Thanksgiving is meant for lounging around the house in PJ's for as long as possible while snacking on leftovers and not doing a damn thing except spending some time reading and self loathing while promising yourself you'll go to the gym as soon as this week is over. At least that's how I spent my day. No WAY am I going outside in the 30 degree weather to battle some pyscho shopper for a blu-ray player that is 50% off.  Plus where our parents live you have to drive at least 40 minutes to get to any good stores. They live somewhere resembling this place, minus the stop light.

I seriously miss this place...and I know you all do too! 

So if any of you are insane enough to have woken up way prior to the buttcrack of dawn to shop, when you should have been waking up to go pee instead of go spend money, I solute you. I think you're a freak... but nonetheless, I hope you make it out alive and unharmed with a bag of goodies. Hopefully there's something in there for me... but if not, there's always next year.

Now I'm off to mentally prepare myself for my second Thanksgiving dinner at a family friend's house...and then my third Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night at my mom's. Hopefully I'm still able to blog after all of this but I might not be able to, due to the fact that my fingers will become the size of turkey legs. Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday week.



Dangrdafne said...

We slept in. Ate breakfast. Took showers and got dressed. Had dessert. Watched TV and read some. Then went to see Harry Potter 7! Then back home to eat leftover turkey dinner and now we are watching football. This is the life!!

Heather aka ADaywithJake said...

I officially finished my Christmas shopping at 6:32am this morning. The shenanigans started at midnight .... and I only had to drink until I was semi-drunk to get through it all.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! This is impressive. I am going to come back in a few days to give my full opinion... This is one of those meals that you have to fully digest. You know?