Friday, November 12, 2010

Used and Abused

So we used to have this roomate who we will call...."C". He was in one of my college classes and although I thought he was pretty hot, I also thought he was a total dick who believed his shit didn't stink in the least. He always smelled like he just walked out of the Abercrombie cologne testing lab and looked like he wanted to model for one of their catalogs (turned out he did actually work at Hollister..or Abercrombie, I can't remember). In class we were paired up for some group presentations together and would endlessly talk shit to each other. We also added each other on myspace and wrote each other hate messages.

Like this but worse. Way worse.

That summer, Demanda and I were looking for a 4th roomate to move into this awesome house. I put a little add on Myspace and C responded saying he was looking for a room. I was reluctant because he was 18 and we were...not 18, he partied none stop and we were again, not 18. Also, I was pretty sure he was a manwhore. But we really, really wanted the house so we agreed.

We ended up living with him for about a year and fell in LOVE with his girlfriend ("Magulia" if you're reading this WE LOVE YOU!). He ended up moving up to Santa Barbara and now has this friend, we will call him "J". J is fuck#%g HAWT, trust. This guy has a body for days (just look at the video.) J also has a great personality, which is rare when one is THAT good looking. They bothmwork as personal trainers or something like that. Last week J sent Demanda a link to this music video they were both in, playing womanizing manwhores . We HAD to post it because it's seriously the most cheesy thing we've ever seen. They do a good job...but the singer.........


We feel bad poking fun because this dude is apparently friends with C and J. This guy has a few youtube videos and apparently he was once on Jimmy Kimmel and since then has lost something like 118 lbs (possibly with the help of J). But his hand gestures and facial expressions killed us all the way to the end. Especially at the end.



miss tejota said...

I'm "used and abused" from watching that video. Cheesy is SO correct. However, the lipgloss he's wearing has got me hot and bothered. NOT!!!

Uhm, I need to find a club where all the guys wear open shirts that's all kinds of zexy. Ha!

I seriously laughed so hard I farted. Thank You!

StarlitViolets said...

Okay - I have to admit, I couldn't make it through. It was AWFUL!!! I can't even believe this guy! He's so delusional and fake and ew!

The manwhores however, not too shabby on the abs. ;)

TongueTwied said...

So I'm guessing that the 2nd guy int he video is C? The one that pushes the girl against the wall. He looks younger. And he looks like a famous actor but I can't think of who.

anywhoo..ya know, I think...I'm not 100% sure, but I think one of the members of the Backstreet Boys left the band so maybe this guy should send in this audition tape of his. It never hurts to try. ;)

Kitty Elvis said...

LMAO! I couldn't make it through the whole thing, either. Eeeeek. That was exceptionally cheesy. And want to know which one is C, too.

Jaymes805 said...

C is the one with the blonde at the beginning dancing in the club, unbuttoning his shirt. Also in the restaurant when she gives him the ring. :)

Anonymous said...

The guy who pushes the girl is J. I too think he needs to be an actor in Hollywood he's gorgeous, obvi.. ;)