Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RIP Someone at Apple

I was going to blog about something awesome tonight. Something along the lines of how I discovered the family at the doctors office yesterday was infact a vampire family... but the computer monster got to me again!

Like this lil guy...instead of eating words, he eats my battery life

I have a Mac and about a month ago, I noticed the battery wouldn't charge. Then eventually it got to the point of shutting off randomly. I went out and spent way too much money $120.00 on a new battery since I hadn't bought one since I got this computer. I thought the problem was alll fixed until I noticed the battery would go from "charging" to "calculating" and then say it wasn't charging. Ughhhhhh!!! Now it won't charge at all so it goes to sleep and then shuts off. I'm thinking that maybe a new computer cord will fix the problem but this will be my 3rd one in a year and I almost refuse to spend way too much money $60.00 on a 4th one just out of principle. But....I need to type. So I might just end up breaking down and buying one. If that doesn't fix it, someone at Apple is going to get it.

It will most likely be this guy.

Until I get this little problemo fixed, it looks like I'm going to be sneaking in my blog posts at work. But hey, I work for a telecommunications company. So...technically I'm using their products. Maybe I'll even do a little advertising on our blog. Doubtful but if it saves my job, then why not.


Anonymous said...

This is unacceptable. I'll have Mackie (which is my Mac's name) talk to your Mac. Maybe she can talk some sense into her.

miss tejota said...

Computer issues totally blow. Sorry you are going through with this and on a MAC. They are supposed to be sweet chocolate baby Jesus, your post makes that not seem the case. *kicks dirt in protest*

Living with Edward said...

No!! Not Justin Long!!! Anyone but him! LOL

Borderline Phenomenal said...

Thanks lovelies!!! I hope it's up and running very soon, I have a ton of writing to get to.

LWE- I promise not to hurt Justin but only for you. ;)