Thursday, November 11, 2010

One of my Dreams Finally Came True...Almost

Today something amazing happened.....

My mind was blown.

Let's rewind a little, shall we??

Today me and Demanda had lunch together,which we do on most days. It was a normal lunch for us..she fist pumped her way into the restaurant to imaginary music, I got complimented by an 80 year old man on my boots and jewelry, we had some salad and pizza, I tried beets for the first time (weird, but not bad).. all in all it was a good time. Neither of us really felt like going back to work because it's a holiday and close to the weekend but we went our seperate ways to go tweet/read blogs get some work done at our places of employment. As I sat down at my desk and glared at the workload piled up in front of me, I perked up when I saw that I had a gchat IM from Demanda.

Demanda: "Hello Hi???"
Jaymes: "Hola"

Yes this was 10 minutes after we left lunch. We really don't go very long without speaking. Call us weird all you want  but you're the one reading our blog so what does that make you??! Thought so!

I wondered why Demanda was IMing me because something in her "Hello Hi???" made me think she had something to tell me. And then I noticed a tweet from her telling me to go to a link. And what I saw was something so amazing, it made my pantalones melt right off.

This. Right. Here.

I can't even put in to words how much I love these two. Some of you may know my love for Ed Westwick from seeing me tweet how much I LOVE Chuck Bass or from reading one of our previous blog posts. If you haven't read it, GET ON IT! And my love for Rob Pattinson is obvious to anyone who knows me...or has driven into my car port. Both of these men fit my dream man criteria:

  • British
  • Play Americans in the movies/tv shows I love them in (I LOVE accents but can't understand them to save my life)
  • Play musical instruments...and well!
  • Sing
  • Sexy as hell
  • Kinda grungy looking sometimes..which makes me want to do bad bad things to them.
I would sell Demanda to get in the middle of this biznass. Just kidding, I'd obviously need her around to photograph it. Plus Ed Westwick is Bff's with Demanda's L.O.L (love of life) Chace Crawford and I'd totes wanna hook them up so I could watch meet him too since he's pretty hot stuff.

So back to the story at hand. When Demanda sent me this link, I freaked out, smiled like a jerk for about ten minutes, felt like I was going to numero dos in my pants, saved the pic to my phone and freaked out a little more until I actually had to get some work done. She seriously made my day.... and for that, I want to thank her.

Close enough.

THANK YOU DEMANDA!!!! Your oreos will be waiting for you when you get home. Unless you ate them all. Then you can have one of my Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies.

I'd also like to give a Veteran's Day shout out to anyone who has served or is currently serving in our Military. Thank you for risking your lives for us... it means more than I could ever put into words.

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miss tejota said...

This was at the Teen Choice awards right. Well I went to the original source and found this image: