Sunday, November 14, 2010

Damn you Computer, DAMN YOU!!!!

Friday night I bit the bullet and bought a new computer charger. That's a total of almost $200.00 I've spent on my computer in the last month to fix the fact that it won't charge.

Friday night and yesterday it worked perfectly...charged all day, no problems at all.

Tonight it won't charge at all.

My next step

Looks like tomorrow I'll have to take it to the nice people at Apple. I swear if I have to spend more money on it, someone is gonna get it.


miss tejota said...

Sorry, you are having computer issues. I'm hoping somebody at the Genuis Bar hooks you p.

Charla said...

Yiiiiikes! Just remember, for like $650 now days you can get a brand new *shiny* laptop! :)

Sorry for your hell!

P.S. It might be the metal contacts in your computer that touch to the metal contact on the cord, not the cord.

Twired Jen said...

That SUCKS. My battery died on my Dell lap top ALONG time ago. I didn't want to spend money on a new one so I proceeded to borrow (use exclusively) my s/o's since he has the same lap top and is NEVER on his...So I always have mine plugged in. To top it off, the screen is broken so it wont stay standing upright. I attempted a pretty cool duck tape anchoring job & when that failed I stuck two large books behind it and that's it. I'm now destined to sit on the floor with my lap top on the coffee table perched against two books. There. FML


PS keep me posted on your situation.

Jaymes805 said...

@Misstejota - Thanks doll! I'm gonna take it in to Apple tomorrow, hopefully they'll figure it out.

@Charla- Hmmm I think you may be on to something, but I think the battery is loose. It seems like it's not all the way in the computer so I think they just need to fix something to keep it up there. I should just buy a new comp but I'm a Mac girl... I've had mine since 2005 and no viruses or anything so I'm gonna stick to those. Any time I've had any other comp, it only lasts about 2 years before a virus hits. Damn porn!

@Jen- Haha awww! At least you have the S/O'S computer to use when yours isn't working. I totally understand the whole duct tape thing! That's what I did to my comp right when we got back from FORKS so I could look at everyone's pics and upload mine. I had to duct tape the battery up into the comp cuz I think it won't stay in all the way and that's why it won't charge. We'll seee if it can be fixed. Hopefully it doesn't cost a lot. :(