Friday, November 19, 2010

Dance Your Face Off

Here in the Borderline Phenomenal household, we like to dance. A lot. We like to dance our asses off even when no music is playing, we like to dance to crappy music, we like to watch other people dance, make up dances and dance dance revolution. (I've never actually played that game, I'm afraid I'd trip over my own legs. They're long and get in the way when I have to walk up/down stairs.)

I'd really like to do this kind of dancing with that man but my life is a cock block.

As you will come to realize when the new season starts, Demanda and I are quite fond of So You Think You Can Dance. We watch it religiously and then re-watch the dances we loooove over and over on youtube. Then we download the music and shake our asses to it on a regular basis.

Because it's Friday night and we like to unwind with a drink or five, I was going to post something that gets us extremely pumped up to go drink and flail around. It's a vid of one of our favorite dances butYoutube won't let me embed it for some reason. I truley believe there are little elves living in the internet/computer that try to figure out ways to stop me from blogging. Well guess what elves....too bad for you because this shit's still getting posted!!!

Instead I will talk about dance. I used to be really shy. Like REALLY shy. But then I got into cheerleading in 6th grade, discovered that my weirdness is way more fun when I'm outgoing and I started to come out of my shell and not care that I was a strange kid.

Um, this came up when I googled "weird kid". Nice try, Megan Fox.

Growing up we had a roller rink about 30 minutes away from us. On the first Saturday of the month, they had something called the "Hot 105 Skate and Dance Party". For the first 2 hours they would have skating and then they would stop the skating and have dancing on the rink for the next 2 hours. Now that I look back on it, it was a little bit majorly ghetto. I'm kind of surprised we never got shot because there were gangs galore and we were just a bunch of scrawny kids from the country. Also the music they played was completely inappropriate for young teenagers to listen to but we didn't even notice. We were too busy gettin our skate on.

Hot shirt. 

One weekend in 8th grade for my 14th Birthday, a bunch of us went skating/dancing. When it came time for the 'dancing' portion, I kinda just stood around and bobbed to the music with my awkward limbs movin to the beat. None of my friends were havin it. Demanda especially. They wouldn't let me 'sway', I had to finally learn to dance. Sure I knew how to do choreographed dancing from years of ballet and cheer, but free dancing was not my style. I was afraid I'd look stupid, especially because I was a foot taller than all of my friends. But, I finally got the hang of it and I was practically dancing like the cast of You Got Served in no time.

That's me in the middle. I went thru a tomboy stage. 

When we go out dancing now, I usually have no problem inventing stupid moves and waving my hands in the air like I just don't care (drinking helps). I'm a little bit convinced that I would never have came out of my shell if it wasn't for Demanda. She is a loud, outgoing, bubbly person and I think that helped me become a little less shy. So I'd like to thank her for that. I'd also like to thank my friend Alcohol. Without you, I wouldn't say somethings I've said, do things I've done and have as many bruises as I've had. Thank you both!

Now I'll leave you with this instructional dance video. I've only watched about 2 minutes of it so I apologize if it gets less awesome further in. But the part I watched was pretty sweet and I'm convinced you'll pick up some brand new dance moves that are sure to get you noticed in a crowd of people.


Demanda said...

Awh!!! You are so welcome! I'm glad my loudness has helped someone!!! LOL I miss the skating rink, we need to go when we go home for Thanksgiving! ;)

PMSL at the video, WTF are they wearing???

Dangrdafne said...

But I want to know what your favorite SYTYCD dance is!!!! I LOVE that show. I loved roller skating. In fact when I was young I wanted to be a professional roller skater :)

miss tejota said...

Yes, alcohol is the best, well after Demanda in helping one break out of their shell.

Next time we meet up we are all having a dance off. About an hour after I've consumed enough alcohol to get the courage up to dance.