Monday, November 15, 2010

Cuteness Galore

Today I meant to write a real long and amazing blog post but when trying to get around to it, I was bombarded with work because, well it's Monday and we all know how AWESOME Mondays can be.

This came up when I googled "Mondays suck".  If this was my Monday, I'd say "bring it!"

Finally I got off work (45 minutes later than I was supposed to) and was hit with a massive migraine that had been creeping around the edges of my brain since lunch time. I took some meds and it's slowly going away but I'm feeling too lazy tired to write a long and witty post so I decided to share something else instead. I figured since everyone is SO fond of this day, I'd bring a little cuteness into your night...hopefully it will put a smile on face and laughter in your belly. If not, then you're dead inside and you should leave our blog ASAP. (kidding...kind of).

This video was brought to our attention by Jen over at So Twired. It's adorbs.... seriously. Hope you love it as much as we do and that it possibly makes your Monday just a tad sweeter. If you've seen it before, I don't it again! And then go visit So Twired. It's fun times over there, we swear. Especially if you obsess over love Twilight like we do.


Heather aka ADaywithJake said...

Omg! That was hilarious!! I had to watch it twice! Haha!! The kid like totally re-energized and headbobs even harder as the songs continues. It's great.

Feel better, bb! Migraines suck!

miss tejota said...

Here's another baby one. I love it and "Take that Jesus."

So friggin' funny.