Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sicky McSickerson

I'm an idiot for saying I'd blog every day this month. Especially because I'm sick and don't feel like looking at a computer AT ALL right now.

I am, thanks for asking. 

I swear people at work think I have Sars or something and should be placed in a bubble but in actuality it's just allergies or a really bad cold. Except it could be something more extreme because this one time I saw an episode of Grey's Anatomy where this guy went into the clinic for a runny nose and it turned out that spinal fluid was leaking out his brain or something crazy like that. Now, I'm no doctor and I'm pretty sure I just described that completely wrong but that shit sounds serious!  I could (and probably should) take tomorrow off because I'm sneezing all over the place and my nose is 5 blows away from looking like Michael Jackson's, but I always feel guilty when I'm away from the office. Even if it is for a legit excuse like having the Spanish Influenza.

Can I be next?!?!? 

 I'm My office is too cheap to afford Kleenex with lotion so I've been using toilet paper all day and I now look like I have a nice little coke habit (minus the 'being overly thin and energetic' part). Not helping that it's been 90+ degrees outside either. Sweating profusely while having crap drip out of your nose is NOT the epitome of sexy. Unless you're into that, which I doubt most people are. But if you are, please get off of my blog stat!

So in the meantime, I'm just going to sit here, pray it gets better and be thankful tomorrow is Friday so I can get off work and down some Tylenol Severe Cold Nighttime liquid (seriously, it's gross but it WORKS!). Demanda brought me soup tonight too so that was nice of her. And she didn't even spit in it before she gave it to me! Hopefully, I recover soon..I've got a NaNoWriMo novel to get on, blogs to write and other meaningless stuff to take care of. But for now.... it's bitchfest 2010.


Demanda said...

:) I want to know what it's like to chave a kitten that... SLEEPS! AHHHH.

I hope you feel better :(

miss tejota said...

First can we please discuss how cute that kitten is, ahem first let's discuss how sorry I am you aren't feeling well. I really am.

I hope you feel better soon, if I could come over and make you hot toddy I would. I have no clue if it would actually make you feel better, but it has booze in it and that is all that matters.

Feel better.

Twi-Lin said...

I'm sorry you don't feel well! :( My work doesn't buy the good kleenex either so I have bring in my own puffs but it so worth it.
I hope you recover really fast! :)