Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life's Necessities

Last night as I was wandering aimlessly around my condo not wanting to do anything productive and wondering when the hell Demanda was going to be off work so we could talk about nothing and make fun of our cats. While doing this, I noticed a few things in our home that we can't live without. I mean we could probably "live" without...but trust me, no one would want to be around us.

Demanda and I have been living together on and off for 10 years. Yes, that's right. TEN. We usually separate for a bit but then we always somehow move back in together because it's pointless...we're always at each other's houses anyway so why not live together? Kinda like a couple minus the fact that we both dig dudes. Anyway, you can read a bit about our friendship history (and Demanda) here in one of our earlier blogs. Demanda was in the middle of writing one like that about me but apparently she just doesn't like me all that much. It's cool though, I know where she sleeps. I don't know if that "putting your hand in a glass of water so you pee the bed" trick really works but looks like I'll be finding out soon...muahahahaha.

Ok so back on topic. Because these things are so important to us, we thought we'd share with you so maybe one day you won't be able to live without them either. Pretty soon you're gonna be as stoked as we are that we brought these things into your lives.

Like this, but with alcohol

So without further ado, I present to you our life necessities.

1.  Almond Champagne

Seriously, if you've never had Almond Champagne....NOM NOM NOM! We LOVE champagne first of all. I'm not gonna lie, a few birthday's ago, we went through ten bottles...on the way to go wine tasting. But almond is so much better. It has more of a smooth flavor and goes down a lot easier. Wilson Creek is hands down the best (The winery is in Temecula and GORGOUS! If you ever go wine tasting in Temecula, you must stop there) but they also sell good almond champagne at Trader Joes that is a little bit cheaper.

2.  Jose's Coffee

This is my reason for being in a semi-good mood every day. I literally don't function without coffee. On weekends if I sleep in and wake up too late, I get a raging headache until I drink like 3 cups of this stuff, no joke. I'm not sure if they sell it anywhere but Costco but it's a huge bag for like twelve dollars which is pretty awesome. They have huge grinders there if you don't have one at home which rocks, unless some lady has her two twin boys knockin into you so you spill coffee all over yourself and then she laughs like it's a freakin circus. That's not fun.

Welp, that's about it for all of things we must have to function in life. Hope you enjoyed it! Visit us again and we'll post other things we can't live without. Like our cats and vodka.


Dangrdafne said...

Wait?? You only have 2 necessities?? I sat back expecting this post to take awhile to read and imagine my shock when after the coffee there was nothing else!! LOL!!! I am glad you lead such simple lives. My list would probably go on for days. LOL!!!

My After Car Is An XKR said...

Almond champagne is AMAZING! I am also a champagne lover. I drink it instead of red or white at restaurants... tailgates... on a random Tuesday. Every day is a celebration, right? And the next morning, I guzzle... coffee. Are you taking applications for a third roommate? I'll bring my own cat.

w/v - no joke: suphor. Sup, hor?

miss tejota said...

I was just at brunch and everyone was telling how, "I MUST TRY ALMOND CHAMPAGNE!!!" Yes, they yelled it at me.

So on my to do list for Friday is hit up TJ's and get some.

Demanda said...

I will kick your ass if you make me pee my bed. You are an asshole.

How simple are we, just two things and we're good to go :)